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For a website to be successful on the Internet you need people to be able to find it. Pixelweb Design have a track record of getting companies to no.1 rankings in search engines like Google. This is worth millions of Euros to companies across many different sectors. I have a passion for beating the opposition, and will always go the extra mile for our clients. Top search rankings for our clients reflect well on our business in Tipperary - your success ensures my success.  I provide local SEO services and general SEO


SEO is a long term marketing plan and it involves many different services. These  SEO services are not complex and SEO as a science is certainly not rocket science. However, there is no substitute for experience in this industry. At Pixel Web Design, I have this experience to know what works and what does not work. You can sit back, relax and let me take care of it all or learn from me, and gain the ability to do things for yourself. The choice is yours!

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SEO Strategy

It is important to look at the big picture when it comes to your website. Who is your target market? Where do they live? What are you selling? How are you selling it? What domain name should I choose? How much should I invest in SEO? These are some of the many questions that need to be answered in the initial SEO Strategy phase. It is very important not to rush into things. A carefully strategy needs to be planned.

I will analyse your website or idea for a website and formulate the correct plan of action. This plan will be tailored to suit both your short term and long term needs. If your top-level strategy is flawed then this will have major impacts on your success as an online business.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is vital in driving large amounts of relevant traffic to your website via search engines. People search for products and services by typing keywords and phrases into search engines. Your business needs to know what these keywords are and target each one of them. I try and identify every keyword and keyphrase that has the potential to drive quality / high conversion traffic to your website by using keyword research tools such as the Google keyword planner tool. I then target these keywords through optimising web pages on your website for those terms. This sounds easy, and it is, but it is vitally important that you get it right. If you are targeting the wrong words then you will bring poor quality traffic to your site.

Website Optimisation

Optimisation is a process whereby I make your website more relevant to search engines for your target keywords. Both the code and the content of websites needs to be optimised. When Google spiders visit your site they are looking for information that will help them decide what your web page is about. Therefore, it is the job of optimisation to tell these spiders what this page is about and what words you are targeting.

By carefully placing your keywords in strategic places in both the content and code of your website, I can enable your website to rank highly in the search results.

Some of the key areas of your website that need to be altered in this phase are.

• Changes to Content.
• Content body.
• Headings.
• Linking.
• Domain names.
• Bolded Keywords.
• Content Freshness.
• Changes to Code.
• Meta Details.
• Navigation.
• Alt tags.
• Reducing code clutter.
• Crawlability.
• Site Hierarchy.

I am technically qualified, which means that I know how to make the changes to your site. Results will be achieved quicker and it is easier for me to experiment with different optimisation techniques. This means you will save money and increase your profits.

Link Building

Link Building Service

Links are probably the most important search engine ranking factors. Google tends to look at the Internet as one big popularity contest. The more friends or links you have the more popular your site appears to be. If your site is deemed popular by Google then this will be reflected in high search rankings.

Inbound links are links that point to your website from another website. Old websites can have 1000s of these links. This helps these websites to perform well in search results. Brand new websites have no inbound links.

Therefore, they are not deemed popular by Google and it is hard to rank well. It is very important for sites with a low number of links to try and generate links. I employ a number of different tactics to try and increase your inbound link totals.

·        Link Building Tactics
·        Quality Content Creation
·        Directory Registrations
·        Article Submissions
·        Press Releases
·        Blogging and Forums
·        Social Bookmarking

It is not just the amount of links that is important; the quality, relevance and anchor text used in these links are also important ranking factors. Links also come and go as websites appear and disappear. Therefore, the amount of links to your site is in constant fluctuation.The importance of link building is a constant factor in your Internet Marketing plan.


How do you use SEO to increase your business?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of improving the visibility of websites on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. It’s a way of getting traffic from people who are searching for products and services similar to yours. The goal is to make your website appear at the top of the list when someone types a specific phrase into the search bar. This makes them click on your site and visit your store.

The best way to get started with SEO is to first understand what keywords mean. Keywords are short phrases that describe the product or service you offer. When someone enters one of these keywords into the search box of a search engine, they see results that match their search criteria. If your website appears among those results then you’ve successfully optimized your website for that keyword.

Keywords are usually found in the meta description tag which is located above the title tag on every webpage. They should be written naturally without any special formatting or HTML tags. You want to write a few hundred characters so that the search engine knows exactly what your page is about.

Once you know what keywords you want to target, you need to find out where your competition is targeting those keywords. There are many tools available to help you do this including SEMRush, SpyFu, Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic, and others. Once you know where your competitors are targeting, you can start optimizing your own website.

You can optimize the following areas of your website:

1) Title Tag – Your title tag is the most important part of your website because it shows up before anything else on the screen. Make sure it contains your targeted keywords.

2) Meta Description – This is the little blurb that comes up below the title tag. Use 160 characters or less. The description tells the search engine what your page is about and gives potential customers an idea of what to expect if they click through to your page.

3) Content – Write unique, quality content that answers questions and solves problems. Don’t just copy and paste your company’s information.

4) Links – Backlinks are links from other websites pointing to your website. These are also known as “inbound links.” Get as many backlinks as possible.

5) Images – Include high-quality images that show off your product.

6) Social Media – Share your content on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

7) Mobile Friendly – Design your website so it looks good on all devices including smartphones and tablets.

8) Analytics – Monitor your performance using analytics software.

9) Security – Keep your website safe from hackers and malware by installing security plugins.

10) Speed – Load pages quickly and efficiently.

SEO isn’t rocket science but it takes time and effort to build a successful business online. With some patience and dedication, you will eventually rank higher than your competitors.

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