Black Hat – A Look at Some of the More Controversial SEO Strategies.

SEO techniques to Avoid

What is Black Hat SEO?


Black hat SEO techniques attempt to manipulate search engine algorithms to increase a site’s rankings on the SERPs.   Black hat definition

Black hat tactics use unethical methods to get their websites ranked higher in Google searches. They attempt to manipulate Google’s algorithm so that they appear higher in Google searches than they would otherwise be. Search engine algorithms, such Google to Bing, make clear which types of practices are not allowed. They’re also quite explicit about the consequences if you violate their guidelines Black hat SEO tactics can result in your website being penalized, which means lower-ranking position and, most likely, decline in organic traffic.

 Black & White Hat SEO. How They Compare?

Black hatters go against the established order of things and manipulate their ranks to get higher ranks. They may be completely omitted from the results of some searches or they may get lower rankings than they merit. White hat SEO is a legitimate approach to SEO because it produces high-value content and a positive user interface.

This article will describe different types of black-hats SEO techniques so you can avoid using them if you’re developing an organic SEO strategy.

Blackhat SEO

Black hat SEO techniques are unethical methods used by webmasters to manipulate Google

The whole purpose of Google’s algorithm is to provide its searchers with the most relevant and useful answers to their questions. By using black-market SEO tactics, marketers are essentially stealing higher SERP positions away from those who use established white-marketing techniques for SEO. Here are some common white hat SEO techniques:

Keyword stuffing

Black hats will often use keyword stuffed content to get their websites ranked high in Google. They’ll use as many different variations of the word “keyword” as they can fit into one page. Keyword stuffing is:

  • A list of phone numbers without any additional value.
  • A list of cities and locations where a web page is trying (or has tried) to rank for.
  • Overusing certain words or phrases so that they sound unnatural.
  • Irrelevant keywords that do not fit the content.

Google is becoming increasingly intelligent and it can now detect when certain types of text have been altered by using specific words. Instead, you should write your content with purpose and intent in mind. Content written for humans outperforms content written for machines.

black hat

Low-quality content

What does quality content mean?

Before the Google Panda update in 2011, webmasters could not tell if their websites had duplicate or poor quality content. Now they can.

Poor quality content or spammy content could be an existing piece of content that has been rewritten by a human or a computer program. These pieces of content are usually written quickly and used in outreach or link building campaigns This type of content offers no value to the reader and exists solely for link building purposes.

Webmasters sometimes place text in the exact same color as their background so that keywords can be hidden within their pages. If they don’t, they might get a better ranking for their site than if they did. This can lead to increased traffic from people searching for these keywords. High quality content is always the way to go.

Duplicate content on the same page or on the same website is also punished. Many people think that duplicate content is content copied from another website. Copying small amount of other websites’ content is OK as long as you credit them with a link back to their original content and it is relevant to your article.

Content copied from another site with attribution should always be avoided.

How to check if my article is original?

Use Copyscape or another trusted plaugiarism checker.

Paying for Inbound links

External links are important for SEO. More external sites linking to your own means more trust from Google.

It can be difficult to get links to a new website. After all, why would someone link to a website that doesn’t have any visitors or any kind of reputation? That’s why many SEOs pay for links. Many websites and blogs will charge SEOs money for placing content and linking to them.

Buying backlink is not allowed by Google. It is considered manipulation. More backlink means more backlink. And in turn, more backlink means higher ranking. Because it has a high number of backlinks, this page may not be relevant to the user’s search intent, but because it has a lot of links pointing to it, it will appear as one of the first results.



A look at some of the more controversial seo strategies used by black hatters.

refers to the technique where you show different content to web crawlers than what you show to your visitors. A common form of cloaking is to use different keywords, titles, and description for your actual content. If a search engine determines that your site is cloaking, there is a good chance that it will be banned.

A link farm is a group of websites that are linked together by hyperlinks for no other reason than to try to increase their rankings. These links aren’t going to help you get traffic to your site, however they’re used to trick the search engines into thinking that your site links to many other websites. This method could be applied because based on the number of links and their quality (the quality of the link), the search engines can calculate how popular your web page is thus, it’ll be placed in the search engine results pages.


Doorway Pages

A doorway page is a page that catches people who use a page of no real worth, which then redirects them to a completely different page of real worth. These doorway pages are created to be seen by only specific search engines and search engine crawlers with the intention of misleading the search engine into thinking that the site is better than it really is.


These methods can help you get an improved ranking within a short period of time. However, once a search engine finds out that these black hat techniques were used, it won‘t take long before a penalty comes into effect. It might not be worth the risk because the results can be quite damaging to your site. This list doesn’t cover all black hat SEO practices, but it should be pointed out that they’re not recommended. There are many ways for you to improve your website’s search engine ranking. Even if it takes some time, the results will be long-lasting and well worth the wait!

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